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Your Options for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

ICER: Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

This website is intended for patients who have a diagnosis of low-risk prostate cancer. It is important for you to confirm with your doctor that your cancer fits the characteristics that would make this information right for you. If you have any questions or concerns about the use of this site, please contact your health care provider.

About Your Diagnosis

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be overwhelming. Here, we present the results of a comprehensive review of the evidence comparing the management options available for men with low-risk prostate cancer.

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Your Management Options

This patient decision aid is designed to help you compare the effectiveness, potential side effects, and the number of doctor's visits and tests required for each of the major management options available.

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Your Next Steps

Empower yourself: identify your preferences and attitudes about your options and print out a personalized set of information and questions to help you have the most productive discussions with your doctors.

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Listen to Terry M. Lindblom, a prostate cancer survivor, talk about making an informed decision about managing your prostate cancer

About This Site

The content of this website is based on a comprehensive review of the different options for low-risk prostate cancer conducted by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. The review included input from experts around the nation; and the design of this website was created in consultation with experts from Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Vanguard/Atrius Health, Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.

Throughout this website you can click on videos of doctors from these top clinical groups who will give you further information about your treatment options.

This website was named a 2011 Bronze Award winner of the New Product & Technology Awards for a web-based resource/tool for older Americans.

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This website is intended to provide you with information about the treatment options available for low-risk prostate cancer. This site is not intended to diagnose any condition or disease. Use of this site should not substitute for a full discussion with your health care provider of all treatment options that may be appropriate for you.